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Meaningful & Individualized Treatment

Pain Management Focused Massage & Bodyworks

When I am a patient, I desire a practitioner who will serve me as a whole person with the full gamete of their knowledge base and clinical experience rather than being singularly-focused on one treatment modality, and that is what I strive to provide in every appointment.  

I find combining healing methods, including the aforementioned as well as active reflective listening and eclectic post-session therapeutic suggestions, to be most beneficial for my patients as my ultimate goal is to discover meaningful treatment that works on an individual basis.


What our wonderful clients are saying about us

Wow. That’s the kind of massage I’ve been looking for. One that isn’t just nice and relaxing, although it’s that as well. Much more than that. It’s as though Holly Ann was translating to me what my body was saying to her. “This pain here? It’s probably connected to this over here.” She offers a variety of bodywork styles, but her Thai-style massage was what did it for me. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some serious body work
— Ryan S.
My body moves with a fluid movement where it used to feel like an old rusty body. Thank you again for yesterday
— Cheryl E.
Holly Ann is a conscientious & intuitive massage therapist / masseuse that helps heal your needs through deep tissue massage. I highly recommend her.
— Pat G.

4838 NE Sandy Boulevard, Suite 210       Portland, Oregon 97213