"I believe body work is one of the most powerful forms of medicine there is for many conditions but especially for pain.  When I am a patient, I desire a practitioner who will serve me as a whole person with the full gamut of their knowledge base and clinical experience rather than being singularly-focused on one treatment modality, and that is what I strive to provide in every appointment."  
- Holly Ann Alswel, L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M., Esthetician

World Traveler

In my early 20's, I traveled to 28 countries and my experiences led me to the belief that at our core we humans have more commonalities than differences.  This passion for travel was prompted by my youth growing up in a very homogenous, conservative, agrarian town in Central California where my experience with diversity was minimal.  I found myself interested in studying cultural geography as an undergraduate in order to attempt to understand what makes people tick.  I desired and was compelled to gain first-hand experience of the many different ways of living which led me to traveling between the time of leaving my undergraduate studies and beginning my graduate work.  

In the back of my mind, as I am working with people in my practice, I am operating from that premise that all people desire health, love and participation in the expression of humanity.  I believe at our core that we all want to do something useful.  International travel affects how I am and how I see people that I share this life with.  


Holly Ann is a highly skilled career professional with more than 18 years practical experience in hospital, private practice, clinic, home health, and primary care environments. 


Alswel Body Works, Owner  1996 - present

Virginia Garcia Obstetrics Unit, Private Patient Healthcare Provider 2000 - 2002

Odessy Hospice, Hospice Care Provider 2008 - 2010

Portland Community College, Qi Gong Continuing Education Instructor 1998 - 2002



Oregon College of Oriental Medicine 1993-1997

Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.A.O.M.) - 1997

Bella Institute 2012

Esthetician License #COS CA 10149639


Certification & Licenses

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Soaring Crane Qi Gong Instructor Certification Level 1 - 1994

Chinese Academy of Somatic Science - Talent Development Center

Essence Qi Gong Instructor Certification - 1997


Continuing Education

Jeff Primack, Founder of Supreme Science Qi Gong

Hawaiian Mountain Qi Gong Retreat (60 hours) - 2013


David Morin, LMT

Medical Massage Level 1-3 (60 hours) - 2011-2012


Eric Stevens, L.Ac.

Table: Thai Massage (20 hours) - 2011-2012


Oregon College of Oriental Medicine

Managing Menopause with Oriental Medicine (12 hours) - 2000

Pediatric: Care of Children with Traditional Chinese Medicine (12 hours) - 2002


Dr. Paul Greenbaum

Thai Massage Level 1-4 (120 hours) - 1996-1997

Nutrition: Healing with Food (20 hours) - 2005






My body moves with a fluid movement where it used to feel like an old rusty body. Thank you again for yesterday
— Cheryl E. (Portland)
Wow. That’s the kind of massage I’ve been looking for. One that isn’t just nice and relaxing, although it’s that as well. Much more than that. It’s as though Holly Ann was translating to me what my body was saying to her.  ”This pain here? It’s probably connected to this over here.”  She offers a variety of body work styles, but her Thai-style massage was what did it for me.  Highly recommended if you’re looking for some serious body work.
— Ryan S. (Portland)
Holly Ann is a conscientious & intuitive massage therapist / masseuse that helps heal your needs through deep tissue massage. I highly recommend her.
— Pat G. (Portland)
Holly Ann is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented body worker. I began seeing her about a year ago, a few months after back surgery. I was having a difficult time regaining full mobility and  was experiencing severe nerve pain. The combination of acupuncture, deep tissue massage and Thai massage was magical. In the last year I’ve gone from not being able to tie my own shoes to exercising and living a full life again.  Holly Ann is a warm, loving and incredibly compassionate soul. I trust her completely. I recommend her to anyone looking for pain relief and/or relaxation.
— Sarah B. (Portland)
I learned the benefits of massage in my early 30’s. In the last 20 years, I have tried about every type of massage variety, and Thai massage is my favorite. Of all the Thai practitioners, Holly’s technique is unmatched. Her physical strength and size allows her to apply these skills in a gentle and controlled way. The fact that she is also able to share wisdom from her in depth knowledge of anatomy and Chinese medicine is a real value. 

After my car accident, her massage and acupuncture treatments were an essential part of my healing process. She even handled the paperwork with the insurance company without issue. 

I recommend Holly’s expertise and experience to anyone seeking some relief from life’s aches and pains. She is a true professional and we are fortunate to have her here in Portland.
— Curtis K. (Portland)
I have been seeing Holly Ann for at least 5 years now. This is not your average masseuse.... She really cares about making you feel good and taking whatever time is needed to do so. This is so important! If you are looking for a relaxing Her massages are power packed and curative! There has never been a time when I haven’t left her office feeling completely cured of whatever I went there to be “worked on” . She is magical. This goes without saying... The same for her acupuncture treatments and her facials. I wish there was more she had to offer! I would do it all!! Since I started seeing her, I have sent countless customers, including my family when they come and visit, and everyone feels the same.  I have also tried other masseuses and acupuncturists in town on occasion, but no one even comes close to what she has to offer!  Don’t miss out!
— Rebecca M. (Portland)
I look forward to my visits to Portland, not only to visit my daughter and her family, but to have a session or two with Holly  Ann.  She is the best!  I marvel at her skill in getting my body out of its comfort zone and coaxing it into areas I don’t normally push it.  I always feel so good after seeing Holly Ann.  She effortlessly moves about the room and table and gently, but firmly, makes my body stretch and heal.  I live on the other side of the continent, but have found no masseuse like her.  Makes me wish I lived so much closer, for more than one reason.
— Penelope M. (Cartersville, VA)

At the age of 70 I have had my share of massages and body work.  I don’t give recommendations often, but being of the mindset that one should recommend as well as critique any service a business provides I can highly recommend  Alswel Body Works. I was on vacation in Portland when I needed some body work done.  Being an out-of-towner I reluctantly made an appointment with Holly Ann thru a friend’s suggestion.    Alswel Body Works  offers a very inviting and nurturing atmosphere, yet professional and knowledgeable.  The owner, Holly Ann, takes plenty of time with you to understand your needs.  At times when I wasn’t sure how to explain what kind of pain I was having, Holly would ask the right questions so she understood what I was trying to say.  She proved she understood  because of my excellent results from her working on me!
— Joyce H. (Acampo, CA)


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