Qi translates to "vital life force", "energy", "breath" or "divine consciousness".  Gong translates to "discipline", "effort" or "hard work".   Qi Gong is the intention to draw universal energy into one's own body in order to have robust health, tranquility, and awareness.  

There are thousands of forms of Qi Gong and I am certified to teach two styles: One where the mind directs the flow of Qi (Soaring Crane Qi Gong) and another where the mind follows the Qi (Essence Qi Gong).  In the past, I have taught small group and private lessons of different styles of Qi Gong for various organizations.  However, there are many extremely simple, practical applications of Qi Gong that I can expose a person to in order to help with their health goals that don't involve a formal practice of Qi Gong.   

I love to share Qi Gong with people who are interested.  On a person-to-person basis, I incorporate Qi Gong techniques into treatment to enhance one's health habits, generally at the end of their session.  For a person with more curiosity,  I am willing to give private lessons with a more comprehensive introduction

Qi Gong classes are taught weekly at Northwest Women's Fitness. Northwest Women's Fitness is a friendly spa style woman's only club. They offers a free week pass if you've never been there before and live in the area . If you have been there and would like to attend a class there is a $15 day pass which gives you access to all group classes that day in addition the cardio and weight facilities , aromatherapy / light therapy room, sauna , private showers and changing rooms.It's a beautiful facility worth visiting. Please check their site for current schedule.


4838 NE Sandy Boulevard, Suite 210       Portland, Oregon 97213