My interest in becoming an esthetician to provide skin care management stems from a personal place.  A few years ago, I developed skin cancer on my face which prompted my interest in learning how best to preserve the integrity of one's skin in order to avoid further damage.  Candidly, my interest in esthetics also came from being an aging woman interested in health, and witnessing that our faces are the billboards of our vitality.  

I feel completely unremarkable in my desire to look my best as a woman in my 50's.  My motivation is preventing damage and promoting skin radiance, but a big part of my orientation toward skin management is derived from my understanding of the intrinsic expression of inner health clearly displayed on the skin.  I carry the Epicuren line which I personally use and have found consistent in its positive results, for myself and others.  However, I also advocate nutrition, hydration and a balanced lifestyle in order to optimize beautiful skin.  Oh, and don't forget to get enough sleep.


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